Coffee Break

after we met and learned from many outstanding people. we decided to present what we have. we simple change codes into many applications that are useful and interesting you to have. we will show you the power of the code.

What We Do

Android development

We make some powerful apps that can run smoothly in every platform and make it more beautiful with simply and easier design interface.

Web development

Nowadays, there are most of internet user get in touch with the web-based apps, and we make a great web-based apps with the latest technology that can give better experience

Windows Phone development

Even with the new and the latest mobile platform, we will always learn to give the best
for user without reducing the user's experience

Desktop Apps development

Creating, managing, solving the problem, high-performance desktop application now come in your personal desktop


We have to attend some class and seminar alongside writing the code. because we are youthful and energic student.

Linux application

Get the latest application for one of the most famous open source operating system in this world.


After drink a lot of coffee every night, some biscuits, and laughing some jokes with the team when we write
the code and designing the apps. this is the result.

  • UMM Messenger
  • LAB IT UMM Sistem informasi (WEB)
  • FostLecture
  • FixDigital Karaoke
  • Sidoarjo Grovement SI (WEB)
  • PKN Sistem for IT UMM (WEB)
  • Jadwal Sholat
  • Kampusku
  • Prakiraan Cuaca
  • BriXzeN Market V2 (Desktop)
  • BriXzeN Pulsa V2 (Desktop)
  • SPP Management Sistem (Desktop)
  • Brixzen Market V3 (Desktop)
  • Kamus offline
  • Ongkos Kirim
  • Blastnote
  • Cek KTP
  • Codepolitan
  • Drug info
  • duwetKU
  • estJAVA
  • Garage Management
  • Gauss Elimination
  • Hidroponik
  • JPNN
  • Kamus
  • Kurs Lengkap
  • Lombok GUIDE
  • Lowongan Kerja
  • Malang Animation School
  • Mini POS
  • Paint Kids
  • Resep masakan
  • Resto IAW
  • RJFM Streaming
  • UMM Messenger V2
  • Perumahan Management
  • Coal Mine Management
  • Sistem Management Sekolah
  • Poliklinik

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